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Help DeeAnn Find a Job–Get $1000 Reward!

DeeAnn would love to reward someone for helping her find a job.

Yes, if you help me find a job using my expertise in biology, you will receive a $1000 reward, in small unmarked bills, cashier’s check, goats, or any other legal means you choose.  For those of you living outside of the San Diego area, I am willing to relocate at my own expense.

Cash for Job Finding
Reward for helping DeeAnn

Now for the small print—ALL conditions must be met to receive the reward

1)  You must make it clear to me that you are seeking this reward before I get asked to interview for the position.

2)  I must be using my expertise in biology; minimum salary requirements must be met; contact me for details:

3)  Reward will be tendered after I have worked for 6 months at this salaried, full-time, job.

As an added bonus, if the job is within 30 miles of zip code 92064 according to Google maps, you will get another $1000 and the salary requirements will be lower.

help DeeAnn find a  job
$1000 reward

The best way to help is to facilitate an interview for my next position; I have filled out hundreds of applications and am sick of doing so.  You may find more details about my qualifications on my LinkedIn page:   Thanks so much for all your help in this matter—I look forward to rewarding someone with $1000.

So far I have gotten much positive response to this posting, which I have also been sending out to all my LinedIn contacts.  I wish I could take all the credit for the idea, but I heard about it on NPR when a husband used a similar technique to help his wife find a job.  It worked for him and I hope it works for me.  I am still waiting to get that first interview, which I usually do very well with.  So far, it is merely the need to get an interview that is hindering me.

DeeAnn Visk, Ph.D., is a freelance science writer, editor, and blogger. Her passions include cell culture, molecular biology, genetics, and microscopy. DeeAnn lives in the San Diego, California area with her husband, two kids, and two spoiled hens. You are welcome to contact her at